Where it all began


 I grew up in a little coastal Victorian town in Northern Ireland called Whitehead, which got its name from the white cliffs on the headland and where I got my inspiration for my creativity.

  I grew up in a family of crafty thrifters, watching my Mum and Granny painting old furniture and sewing their own curtains and cushions, which I always got to give a hand with. These were of course things I really got into when we got our first home together, mostly to the embarrassment of my Husband, who had to help me home with my prized skip finds! 

I totally adore old furniture because it has held the test of time with the use of materials and construction you do not get with flat packs. And it is nice to know that you have saved a piece of furniture from going into landfill.

 I developed my range of products because I was buying ready made boutique brands of chalk paint, which to me had their limitations. They were expensive, had travelled a distance to get to me, they were not just the right colour, requiring me to buy more pots to mix together and I ended up with pots of paint stacking up in the garage.
 I love the properties of chalk paint.. no stripping, sanding or priming, so I wanted to create a product that would still enable me to do little prep but would give me an unlimited colour palette, was economical, was 100% natural and was made in Northern Ireland. After much trial and error and our kitchen looking like a science lab, our Chalk Paint Powder was born...
The benefits of using our Chalk Paint Powder is that it is mixed into emulsion paint transforming it into chalk paint. This means you can use up all your half used tins of emulsion in the garage or you can get a specific colour mixed. Our chalk paint powder only costs around half the price per litre of boutique brands of paint and the advantage of having it in any shade you like and no waste, as you only make as much as you need.
   Once you have mixed the powder to a paste with water and added it to your chosen emulsion paint it takes on all the characteristics of chalk paint. It can be clear waxed, distressed, colour layered, dark waxed patina applied, decoupaged and stencilled to make your own unique creations.
 I hope you have as much fun as I do using The White Cliffs Co Chalk Paint Powder and our range of wax and brushes. 
Kerry xx


Kerry has many years experience working in the interior design industry, from studying retail and exhibition design, to a career working with interior textiles and interior landscaping, working on projects across both the North and South of Ireland.

She is also a keen baker and cake decorator and has won awards for decorated wedding cakes and her cake designs have been published in many editorials.

She now lives in an Edwardian town house in Bangor Co Down with her Husband and two cats. Between spending her time upcycling furniture, redecorating her home and a passion for gardening, she likes to spend time with her husband and his love of motorbikes.