Chalk Paint Powder 500g


Our Chalk Paint Powder produces a creamy paint that can be used on virtually any surface -  wood, glass, metal or fabric with no stripping, sanding or priming. All you need is a clean grease free surface. This pack makes up to 2 litres of chalk paint.

Put the pack of chalk paint powder into a container and add 300ml of water and mix to a smooth paste, making sure no lumps remain. Then add the paste to 2 litres of your chosen emulsion. Mix thoroughly until the paste mixture is dispersed through your emulsion. You are now ready to start painting !!! When dry, seal the painted surface with 1-2 coats our Cream Finishing Wax.

Store any unused chalk paint mixture in an airtight container and mix before using again. The mixture will have the same shelf life of your chosen emulsion paint.

To make up smaller batches of chalk paint mixture, mix 2 tablespoons of Chalk Paint Powder to 1 table spoon of water and mix to 100ml of paint.

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