Cream Finishing Dark Wax 250ml


Our Cream Finishing wax does not contain silicones, propellants or synthetic solvents, which are bad for the environment. It is made form 100% beeswax and natural turpentine which is distilled from organic pine tree sap. The turpentine is tapped from the pine trees with out harming them. In addition our finishing wax is a cream rather than a paste, which has the benefits of not needing as much elbow grease, not producing unsightly build up and it does not contain toxic and allergenic Toluene. It is also pure enough to polish natural wood and veneers. And a little goes a long way, our cream based finishing wax is cheaper in the long run, when compared to pastes and aerosols. As it is made from natural ingredients the consistency of each tin may vary.


For an aged patina effect, apply the Cream Finishing Dark Wax over the clear Cream Finishing Wax with a brush, working it into the textures of the brush strokes and any details. Let it sit for a minute, then remove the excess with a lint free cloth. Remove any unwanted areas of dark wax with the Cream Finishing Clear Wax and buff with a cloth when dry.

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